House Friedwart was built in the 1920`s. The architect Paul Johann Bay designed and
built the house to house three families in a for the time unique communal housing concept. Unfortunately this concept was never realised in House Friedwart.
The building was donated in 1921 to the expanding Goetheanum community and
House Friedwart became an office and apartment building.

In its time House Friedwart housed the main offices of several anthroposophical
initiatives and a publishing house. The tickets for the legendary Christmas Conference in 1923, which founded the Anthroposophical Society were sold in House Friedwart.
After awhile the Fortbildungsschule am Goetheanum moved into House Friedwart.

This school was the first school in Switzerland, which was based on Waldorfpedagogy.Waldorfpedagogy was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. The Fortbildungsschule am Goetheanum was a continuing education school, since Swiss legislation did not allow the school to have full status.

The so called "Friedwart- sketches" were given to Loise van Blommenstein, who gave drawing-lectures in 1923-24. After the move to Haus Friedwart the sketsches received their name. They are well know by the artists until now.

In this period the Fortbildungsschule am Goetheanum had a boarding school character. Eurythmy, Greek gymnastics, painting, clay modelling, speech therapy and dramatical and epical reading were part of the curriculum. Scientific subjects were taught in blocks. Each block was chosen to aesthetically complement the following block accordingly.

For several decades house Friedwart has housed a Hotel with 23 beds. In 1999 the
guestrooms, common room and all sanitary facilities were carefully renovated so that the character of the house was not lost. In 2004 house Friedwart expanded and included the since 1974 existing guesthouse Begegnungszentrum.

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